‘My Dog Ate the Bill' Won't Save Your Home

They have heard every excuse from homeowners over the years:

“The dog ate the tax bill”

“I got divorced and my wife was supposed to pay it and forgot.”

The county told homeowners who didn’t pay their taxes over the last five years to put up or shut up and those property owners who didn't or coudn't put up saw their properties auctioned off  Wednesday at the San Diego Convention Center.

The county’s Annual Tax Sale put 108 properties up for sale starting at 9 a.m. It’s become a ritual for some house-hunters looking for a bargain.

“This is not foreclosure-tied, it’s not sub-prime-tied,” said Dan McAllister, county treasurer. “It’s kind of hard to understand the excuses that people have given up for not paying their taxes for five years or more.”

Among those properties up for sale included time shares in Coronado and all over San Diego County for dimes on the dollar, according to McAllister.

The county hopes to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from the auction to make up for the lost property tax revenue.

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