Refund for Double Payment Takes Woman More than a Year

Woman calls NBC 7 Responds after contacting Macy’s for a year over a double payment for a purse.

Things were looking up for Atena Mohammadi when she decided to purchase a new purse for herself.   

“I had just gotten my job, I wanted to reward myself and I went to purchase this purse at Macy’s,” said Atena. 

Atena said she loved the purse so when she got her Macy’s card bill in the mail, she decided to pay the $360.99 bill in full, online.   

Little did Atena know, she had paid the wrong Macy’s account. Atena said she didn't learn of the mix-up until she received another bill from Macy's saying she still owed money on the purse and her account would be in jeopardy if she didn't pay up. Atena decided it was time to give Macy’s Corporate a call. 

“He [Macy’s representative] said in order for you not to accumulate interest and for you not to have a negative score put on your credit, you need to pay this right now,” Atena said. 

Atena made a second payment of $360.99, this time to the right account. Atena also asked Macy’s to refund the first payment she made. 

Macy’s employees told her she would have the money within weeks. But weeks turned into months and soon it had been over a year since Atena was promised the refund. 

“I want them to issue me a check in my name with the amount I am owed,” Atena told NBC 7 Responds. 

After Atena contacted NBC 7 Responds, we were able to get in touch with Macy’s Corporate office. 

Macy’s decided to refund Atena her first payment of $360.99 and give Atena a second refund for $360.99, along with a $75 Macy’s gift card.  

Jean Coggan, Corporate Communications Director for Macy’s Inc. sent NBC 7 Responds the following statement via email:

“We sincerely apologize to our customer Atena Mohammadi for the issues she experienced related to her credit account. Macy’s Credit and Customer Services investigated this concern and communicated with Ms. Mohammadi... The process of correctly applying the credit and issuing the check certainly took much longer than it should have. We at Macy’s always aspire to create the best possible shopping and services experiences for our customers. When we fall short of that objective, we work to learn from the experience, which we have done in this case.”

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