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‘Love You, Buddy!': Sirens Blaring, San Diego Police Wish Happy Birthday to Boy, 7

Bay Park resident Reznor Bissett stood in his front yard waving as police officers cruised through his neighborhood to wish him a happy birthday

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A boy in San Diego’s Bay Park community got quite the birthday surprise this week: a drive-by celebration from officers with the San Diego Police Department, singing to him over the bullhorn.

On Monday, Reznor Bissett turned 7. Like so many kids around the world, his low-key birthday plans included staying home with his family as society continues to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

But the San Diego Police Department helped turn the boy’s birthday up a notch.

Sirens blaring, SDPD officers drove through Reznor’s home on Baker Street, giving him a mini parade – social distancing and all – for his big day.

The department posted the video – shot by Reznor’s dad, Michael Bissett – on its Facebook page, noting, “We hope this is a memory he will never forget.”

In the video, Reznor is standing in his front yard, behind a decorative sign that says, “Happy Birthday.” His family is in the driveway.

As the boy is staring down his street, police sirens begin to blast and SDPD patrol cars start cruising along the neighborhood.

First, there’s one. Then two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight.

Reznor is smiling and waving at officers as they drive by his house.

Soon, the caravan of SDPD cars comes to a halt. And then, comes the bullhorn.

An officer is heard counting down on the bullhorn.

“Three. Two. One.”

And then, a familiar, comforting song.

“Happy birthday to you,” the officers sing. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Reznor, happy birthday to you.”

The sirens sound off again, and the officers slowly start driving away – but not before one more birthday message to Reznor.

“We love you, buddy!” shouts an officer from his rolled-down window.

“I love you!” Reznor shouts back.

As the officers leave, Reznor’s dad asks the boy, “How was that?”

And, really, what could a 7-year-old say?

“Awesome,” he beams.

Across the U.S., many police departments have been doing similar things to make people feel special on their birthdays during the pandemic.

Just last week, a boy named Nicholas turned 5 in Oceanside, California, and the Oceanside Police Department zipped by his home in their cruisers to wish him a happy birthday.

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