K-12 Students Will Need Masks, and a Ride to School Next Year

Students are taking the bad with the good. They'll have to still wear masks next year, but hey, at least they'll be back on campus with their friends

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They’ve listened to adults make the rules. They’ve listened to adults change the rules. They’ve listened to adults enforce the rules.

School children probably deserve a lot more credit than we are giving them for making it through the school year.

“It was weird,” said Emerson Stroberg who just wrapped up her 6th grade year at Salt Creek Elementary in Chula Vista. “I think that they were trying to protect us, but it was a little overdone with the masks and not being allowed to go to school.”

“I was just disappointed that we had to do online,” said Santino Blas, who will be a freshman at Eastlake High School next year. “As long as I get to be back on campus and not behind a screen, I’d rather have that.”

Blas and Stroberg won’t be behind a computer screen when they return to school, but their faces will still be behind masks. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board said that students will still need to wear them.

“It’s kind of annoying,” sighed Stroberg. “I have PE sixth period and it’s July. So, it’s going to be hot and I don’t want to be wearing a mask and running around.”

“The pandemic is still here. It’s not like it’s completely gone yet,” said a very diplomatic Josh Dority.

Dority will matriculate to Eastlake Middle School next year. He doesn’t want to wear the mask in PE either, but said he’ll gladly wear the mask if it means going back to school every day.

“I think I’d still prefer that over sitting online,” Dority said.

“I want to grab all of my masks, put some lighter fluid on them, and burn them,” Dority’s classmate Ian Brogan said half-jokingly.

Brogan’s older brother Jonathan was more accepting of the face mask.

“I feel comfortable. It gives you a little protection,” said the future high school freshman.

Students in the Chula Vista Elementary School and Sweetwater Union High School Districts follow a year-round school calendar. The next school year begins July 21.

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