Chula Vista Family Buys $15K Protection Dog After Home Burglary

On Aug. 16, an unknown man broke into a family's home in Chula Vista, stealing jewelry and a family heirloom

A Chula Vista family whose home was burglarized by a brazen thief is responding to the break-in by purchasing a $15,000 German Shepherd protection dog.

Victory Buckley, 52, was inside her bedroom getting dressed on the morning of Aug. 16 when she saw a man in a red hoodie inside her home. He had broken in by smashing through a kitchen window.

She instinctively chased after the man. Video captured by a Ring security monitor shows Buckley screaming, chasing after the thief.

He made off with jewelry that included a cherished family communion medallion.

Russ Buckley was away on business when his phone alerted him via Ring to the burglary.

The Buckleys are military veterans, having served in the U.S. Navy. But in a twist, they say they don’t like guns.

So rather than buy a gun for protection, they made the decision to buy a protection dog.

At Man K-9 in Pacific Beach, the Buckleys were given a demonstration that included three German Shepherds chasing down a would-be thief.

In the end, they chose "Oreo" a 4 1/2-year-old, who obeys commands in German.

The dog will be delivered to the family home next Tuesday.

They’re hopeful Oreo will be compatible with the family Golden Retriever, who was in the home at the time of the burglary but did not react.

The Buckleys acknowledge the dog isn’t cheap, but it will offer much-needed peace of mind after the traumatic break-in.

Meanwhile, the thief who broke into the couple's home has not been found.

Police have reviewed neighborhood security camera video and told the Buckleys that three other suspects may have been involved.

The car the suspect escaped in had a stolen license plate.

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