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Neighbors Fear Fallbrook Man Accused in Amazon Van Heist

The neighbors of a man arrested in connection with an Amazon delivery van heist say they’re terrified by what he'll try next.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department arrested 34-year-old Jeffery Shoneff at his Fallbrook home on Sunday with the stolen van parked out front.

Sgt. Dwain Washington said Shoneff was unloading packages in his garage when deputies arrived at his home.

The suspected carjacking happened around 4:20 p.m. on North Ridge Drive.

Multiple neighbors told deputies Sunday that the Amazon truck had just left a package at Shoneff's door.

While the driver was preparing for his next drop, Shoneff allegedly blocked the truck with trash cans then began screaming at him.

When the driver ran away, Shoneff allegedly took off in the Amazon delivery truck, Washington said.

"Shoneff initially fled on foot inside his residence when he was confronted by sheriff's deputies," Washington said. "Deputies negotiated with Shoneff, and he was taken into custody without incident."

It's the kind of thing neighbors say simply doesn't happen on their street. The episode was so rare they photographed and recorded video of the 30-minute standoff at Shoneff's house.

"It was very tense and I was really concerned for my neighbor. I've never considered him to be dangerous or violent," Chris Pritchard said.

While Shoneff faces serious felony charges, carjacking and robbery among them, he is back home.

Pritchard lives directly below him. His wife is so afraid of her neighbor that she’s staying elsewhere.

"It is unsettling for us. This is a quiet neighborhood, quiet street. It's getting scary,” fellow neighbor Bob Mitchell said.

Other neighbors say in the last month, deputies have responded to several complaints about Shoneff ranting around the neighborhood and knocking on doors.

"We've all been sort of on edge. It is a situation that I wouldn't wish on anybody," Pritchard said.

The street was quiet Monday night and neighbors are hoping it stays that way.

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