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Driver Shears Hydrant, Flees Flooded Crash Scene

Firefighters and water crews rushed to the neighborhood located south of Mast Boulevard and east of State Route 52.



    Video from Troy Rose Monday July 21 captured in Santee. (Published Monday, July 21, 2014)

    A hit-and-run driver left behind a mess and a key piece of evidence in Santee Monday.

    A collision between a vehicle and a hydrant just before 10 a.m. left a geyser of water gushing high into the air.

    Victoria Rose lives on Amino Drive in Santee and said she heard a loud crash early Monday.

    When she went outside, there was water everywhere.

    "Everything was soaking wet," she said.

    A driver had slammed into a fire hydrant right in front of the home and drove away.

    Victoria Rose immediately called 911. About a half hour later, she said emergency personnel arrived and found a geyser of water shooting up into the air.

    By then, the damage was done. Her garage and a back patio with gym equipment were flooded and there was damage done to the side of the home, she said.

    Homeowners insurance should repair the damage but she's very upset that someone would leave the scene.

    "I'm just mad he took off," Rose said. "There could have been a disabled person in there, or children. To just leave."

    "If it's an accident, it's an accident," she said.

    Troy Rose captured the spout of water caused by the crash. In the video, it shows water going well above the roof of the home and flooding the street, sending a river of water toward homes.

    Victoria Rose said the driver’s license plate fell off after the crash, so she hopes investigators will find the suspect soon.

    "I guess he's in for a surprise," she said.