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    Learning from a textbook and looking at a picture is one thing. Learning from actually seeing and doing? As we know, it doesn't get much better than that.

    Though they live in the inner city, students at Central Elementary School in City Heights had the chance to experience the great outdoors this week.

    Thirty oak trees have been planted at the Louis Stelzer County Park over the last two days by third graders from Central Elementary School. Some of the children were away from the city for the first time.

    The principal said while the students are learning state standards, including science and social studies, many of the students are English learners and learning a language.

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    The program is sponsored by the Jarrett Meeker Foundation, named after a young lover of nature who passed away.

    Meeker’s parents said the students are also learning another valuable lesson.

    “They're going to inherit this earth and they need to know how to take care of it,” They said. “…The kids know academically there's something wrong globally, but they don't have connection to earth to know why it needs to be.”

    According to one participant in the student, “It's kind of cool being here because you're in the outdoors and you connect with nature...  I didn't know about poison oak so I learned new things.”

    REI and Adventure 16 provided the equipment for the program.