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NBC 7 Investigates Publishes New Episode of Podcast

INSIGHT Episode Five tells the story of a well-known San Diego rancher accused of molesting young girls at a local horseback riding ranch. Two women share their stories with NBC 7 Investigates.


NBC 7 Investigates has published Episode Five of INSIGHT: a podcast that dives into the stories and investigations that make headlines in our community. 

INSIGHT Episode Five tells the story of a well-known San Diego horse rancher who was convicted of possession thousands of images and videos of child pornography. NBC 7 found the rancher not only possessed but produced some of those images and videos. In exclusive interviews, we speak to two women who say they were among many that were molested by Christian Clews on his ranch, one of whom was as young as 11 years old. 

Warning: this episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. 

Mari Payton and Dorian Hargrove discuss the federal government’s case against Christian Clews and what investigators found during the raid of the popular horse ranch. They also discuss the horrors that some women describe they experienced at the ranch when they were young girls.

To read the team's full investigation, click here.

INSIGHT is produced by Executive Producer Tom Jones and Matthew Lewis. Lewis also serves as Audio Engineer and Editor. 

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