LISTEN: San Diego Healthcare Workers Speak Out From Frontline of COVID-19 Fight

Healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus fight share their message for San Diego residents in the latest episode of INSIGHT - a podcast from NBC 7 Investigates

Thousands of healthcare workers are exposed to illnesses each day, but none the likes of coronavirus. While the number of positive cases has grown in San Diego County, nurses are on stand-by bracing for the oncoming storm. 

Those on the frontline of the fight shared their message for San Diego in the latest episode of INSIGHT -- a podcast from NBC 7 Investigates.

Three healthcare workers agreed to share their experience with an influx of patients and dwindling protective equipment with Tom Jones and Dorian Hargrove. 

“I think every nurse that’s working in a hospital or medical office is concerned right now,” says Becky Buckingham, a registered nurse with Kaiser Permanente’s San Diego Medical Center.

“We see what's going on in New York right now, and they’re a couple of weeks ahead of us,” Buckingham said. “We’re ready for the peak.”

In the episode, Hargrove and Jones also discuss their recent reporting on the number of men testing positive for coronavirus and the number of ventilators available in local intensive care unit hospital beds. 

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Also, in last week’s episode of INSIGHT, Hargrove talked to local business owners struggling to stay open amidst shutdown orders in the state. Listen to that episode below.

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