COVID-19: How San Diego's Hospitalization Rates Compare to Other California Counties

NBC 7 Investigates looked at coronavirus hospitalization rates in other large California counties

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With each new day, and every San Diego County news conference, the numbers of those who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus increases. 

Due to inadequate testing capabilities, mixed with the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, in San Diego County have caught the virus but have not been tested, the virus’ true impact remains unknown. 

But despite the inadequacies, certain trends have emerged. 

One of the more telling sets of statistics is the hospitalization rates in counties throughout California. When looked at collectively, the hospitalization rates for large California counties may indicate the potential impact that coronavirus will have on regional hospitals and the communities they serve. 

In San Diego County, as of March 27, 341 people have tested positive for the deadly virus. Of those 341 people, 69 have been hospitalized. That represents a total of 20% of cases have required hospital care. 

San Diego County’s hospitalization rate appears in line with other California counties.

In Los Angeles County, 1,465 people have tested positive for COVID-19 as of March 26. Of those who contracted the viral disease, 317 have been hospitalized, a 21% ratio.

Santa Clara County ranks slightly higher. The county, home to Silicon Valley, has been hit especially hard by the virus. There, 542 people have tested positive, with 154 of those people requiring hospital care, or 28% of all cases. 

Other counties in the state, as well as the California Department of Public Health, do not provide the hospitalization rates. Those counties include Orange County, Riverside County, San Francisco County, and San Bernardino. 

Whereas less-populated counties such as Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo County have much smaller numbers of infected and fewer hospitalizations.

And while the data continues to come in, the hospitalization rate will be helpful in predicting if, or when, county hospitals will run out of beds.

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