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Using Sports to Access Your Dude's Depth

Hoops: Best Time to Bond With Your Man



    Using Sports to Access Your Dude's Depth
    Laura Baron says you'll be surprised what your man may share with you if try and relate to him in the context of sports.

    Ah, can you smell the testosterone? The teams are set for this weekend, and guys in particular are preparing to glue themselves to the TV for several hours of hoops action.

    Ladies, if you don't already, it's time to join them. It might not be your first choice, but experiencing a man watching his favorite sport, may reveal a side of him you've never seen.

    Guys, who normally may not share, embrace the opportunity to express themselves -- cry, rage -- when the right moment arises. And often that emotion is wrapped around sports.

    Take the Michigan State players hugging their coach on the basketball floor in front of a national audience. Guys consider that brotherly love acceptable -- as they should.

    When Brett Favre cries at his retirement press conference, guys interpret the tears as a true reflection of a man who was passionate about his game. Who knew?

    It's because sports provides men a platform to safely express themselves. The shared experience and common language gives them permission to broadcast their emotional bandwidth.

    So what does that mean for us women and our relationships with our men? Well, if you experience a man watching his favorite sport, you may encounter a new possibility to his depth.

    One man told me that watching college athletes tied him back to those days when his life felt less stressful and filled with more possibility. It served as a reminder of his own struggle and will to win. Try and get that kind of insight from your man on an ordinary day.

    So ladies, even if you're not into sports, schedule your manicure for another time, and join your guy during the game. Crack open a cold one (or a lovely glass of wine -- no need to get specific), and even if it's not your first preference, embrace the flat screen.

    Why avoid the air fist pumps when they could be followed by great anecdotes or memories you might not have otherwise accessed?

    And men, use this opportunity to bring your partners in. Share your stories. And bond.

    And guys, this doesn't mean you're off the hook. The Dancing with the Stars grand finale is just 46 days away!

    Laura Baron is an NBC 5 contributor, a lifestyle consultant and a relationship expert. Learn more about her at