Keys to a Chargers Victory

As the Chargers and their many fans prepare for this afternoon's matchup against the New York Jets at Qualcomm, the guys at 619sports offer their advice on the keys to success.

The best offense in the NFL takes on the league’s top-ranked defense as the Chargers host the Jets, said Craig Elsten, one of the bloggers from 619sports.

“I don’t understand what everyone is so nervous about,” said his colleague Chris Ello in the podcast posted this weekend.

The Jets have a defense is indisputably the best defense in the playoffs, a running game that is consistent, which leads a vision in how the game could go that would make the Chargers vulnerable, said Craig Elsten.

Ello disagrees. The Chargers are going to put up 25, 28 points. They’ve put it up in every single game they’ve played this year, he said.

“This is why I don’t mind the Jets coming here,” said Ello.“I honestly feel like Christmas is still here for the Chargers.”

Third Down
“It just screams at me,” said Elsten. This is how the Jets can possess the football. The key to stopping possession is to get them off the field on third down.

First Down
If you want to see how this game is going to goal, according to Ello, look at the Jets offensive play on the first down. If they can win the first down, they have a better chance on the second and third down.

Passing vs. Running
“I see the Chargers coming out and trying to run the ball,” said Elsten. “How much success they have with that in the first half of the game is something to be watching for.”

Ello talked about this with LT earlier in the week. The star running back is healthy and fresh going into the post season for the first time in three years and could be the key to the game.

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