Mike Singletary Wants to Know Who Leaked His Pants Dropping

Just call him Mike the Plumber. In his first public comments after news of his halftime half-mast became public, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary expressed disgust that someone leaked the story to the media. And it sounds like he's planning to take action that assures him of the freedom to doff whatever he'd like in the future.

"It's unfortunate ... we will find out who is leaking information out of the locker room because what happens in the locker room should be sacred and stay there."

Singletary said he wouldn't do anything differently than he did during his debut as a NFL head coach. He was just trying to illustrate to his team that they were getting their butts kicked. He also talked a lot about changing the culture of the 49ers, although it's not clear if he'd like them to become winners or nudists.

Seriously, though, Singletary had about as eventful a first game as any coach I can remember. He benched a quarterback, chucked his own player out of the game, got accused of communing with dead coaches and mooned his team in order to make a point. That's a full Sunday.

I can't even imagine what he'll come up with as an encore. A live sacrifice of Mike Martz? Halftime defecation to let his team know they're playing like...well, you can take it from there but Singletary's definitely a coach worth watching.

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