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Ariz-Like Immigration Bill Proposed for California



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    A protester shouts as he joins thousands attending an immigration rally at the Arizona Capitol on Sunday, April, 25, 2010.

    A California lawmaker has introduced an anti-illegal immigration bill loosely modeled after Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

    Republican state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino County has authored legislation that he says would go after "sanctuary cities" and those who hire undocumented immigrants.

    It calls for penalties to discourage hiring illegal day laborers, requires citizenship verification for anyone applying for public benefits and would allow local police officers to detain illegal immigrants while investigating a crime.

    It does not include language similar to the most controversial provision of the Arizona law, which directs law enforcement officers to check the citizenship status of anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. Critics said that provision encourages racial profiling.

    Donnelly, a former Minuteman, says the state spends billions in social services when it comes to illegal immigration and cracking down on the problem could help solve the state's massive budget deficit.

    Critics believe the bill doesn't stand a chance.

    ”It will die a quick and appropriate death in the first committee,” said Assemblyman Gil Cedillo 45th District. “And we will not hear from it again.”

    The California Assembly Judiciary Committee is expected to consider the legislation Tuesday.

    AB26 also increases punishments against sex and drug traffickers and other smugglers.

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