Years of Neighborhood Complaints Lead to Road Resurfacing

Carmel Mountain Ranch residents finally get results

Smooth relief for Carmel Mountain Ranch residents who have spent years complaining about a rough stretch of road.

Six months ago dozens of Carmel Mountain Ranch residents gathered to voice their frustrations to NBC 7 Responds about a pothole-ridden stretch of Rancho Carmel Drive. 

Homeowners in the area said they had submitted complaints to the city and Councilmember Mark Kersey to fix the road, some sending letters as far back as three years ago.

 “I commented saying Rancho Carmel needs major improvement because of all the potholes and I got a nice letter saying, 'Oh, that's planned for the spring of 2015.’” Carmel Mountain Ranch neighbor Dawn Nowlin told NBC 7 Responds back in October of last year. “Well, it’s three years later, nothing's happened and it’s just gotten worse over all that time.”

Now, neighbors might finally have their concerns answered. Crews are nearly finishing repaving work on a long stretch of Rancho Carmel Drive.

It’s a major relief for homeowners and Councilmember Kersey, who for years was listening to their frustrations.

“The fact that we are out here and we see the street getting completely repaved represents progress to me,” Kersey told NBC 7 Responds.

Kersey blamed previous city administrations for letting the road fall into disrepair.

Added Kersey, “You had a period of five, or seven, or ten years where we just weren’t doing necessary maintenance work and so a lot of the streets that should have been ok fell into disrepair.”

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