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Woman Claims Men Wanted for Impersonating Utility Workers Showed Up at Her Door

A La Mesa woman says one of the men wanted for impersonating a utility worker showed up at her door Thursday.

Maria Ramos of La Mesa tells NBC 7 that a man showed up at her front door Thursday afternoon telling her that her family could qualify for a discount on their water bill and that he needed to check the inside of the house.  

“I said I'm going to call my brother, my brother is asleep in the room, okay. I'll be right back,” Ramos said.

Two men are currently wanted for stealing cash and jewelry from a La Jolla homeowner who had allowed the men to enter the home because they identified themselves as water department workers who needed to do a test.

It was when Ramos saw the story on Telemundo 20 that she recognized one of the men.

“I say 'oh my God that's the guy who come over here tried to help us with the bill for the water'. I said that's the guy when I make the picture better on Facebook I say that was him," Ramos said.

Police say the men will enter a home claiming to run water tests. While one distracts the homeowner, the other will steal from the home.

The men have already burglarized at least two homes in La Jolla.

Ramos currently takes care of her elderly mother and wonders if their home was targeted because of her mother’s age.  

"I think it's dangerous, I'm glad I'm here. I'm here 24 hours a day and I'm glad because that's pretty scary," Ramos said.

Ramos has not filed a police report yet, so police have not connected the cases.

Police say City of San Diego Public Utilities Department workers will never go into a residence without first making an appointment. They also will drive a vehicle marked with the City of San Diego logo.

If someone identifies themselves as a water department employee, a homeowner can call (619) 515-3525 to verify.

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