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What Will Downtown San Diego Look Like During Comic-Con 2018?

It's the same super heroes you know and love with new TV shows and movies too

Comic-Con 2018 is already bringing people into downtown San Diego from all over the world. We're giving you a tour of what the Gaslamp District looks like prior to the main festivities, which start Thursday. 

No ticket to the convention center this year? No problem! There are so many things to do around the Gaslamp District. 

As you walk around downtown San Diego, you'll notice huge displays on hotels and restaurants. 

This year, Deadpool 2 is still in theaters, and the decorations downtown reflect the popularity of the film. 

Huge posters on buildings also flaunt pictures of Marvel, DC Comics, Sons of Anarchy, and even a giant poster of comedian Conan O'Brien's face for his show, "Conan at Comic-Con." 

"It's like a huge stage for a movie or series," said Armando Bernard, a tourist. "It's like they're turning downtown into a big production set." 

In front of the convention center, you'll see a series of simulation machines themed for popular shows like "The Walking Dead." 

Over in front of the Tin Fish restaurant, NBC has a walk-through booth featuring the hit comedy, "The Good Place."

The interactive experience is light-hearted and fun, a stark contrast to the scary Midnight Texas simulation maze that NBC had last year in the same location. 

Also worth noting is the closure of Harbor Drive this year, the street right in front of the convention center. Traffic will not be allowed on this street for the first time. The City of San Diego shut it down in an effort to keep pedestrians safe. 

"You'll need your pass to get across the sidewalk," said Jose Ysea, spokesperson for the city of San Diego. "So just prepare for that." 

The first day of Comic-Con kicks off Thursday, July 19. 

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