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Valhalla High School Choir Turns Flight Delay Into Impromptu Concert

Choir students at Valhalla High School in El Cajon were kept on the tarmac for a few hours before their flight from San Diego to London, so they put on a show to help pass the time

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The Valhalla High School choir made the most out of a flight delay that kept them on the ground in San Diego before they took off on a winter tour to England and Iceland.

Their British Airways flight from San Diego to London on Feb. 11 was kept on the tarmac at San Diego International Airport for a little more than two hours while the airline sorted out a technical issue, Valhalla choir director Paul Infanto said.

Passengers and flight attendants noticed the nearly three dozen students donning their tour sweatshirts as they boarded the plane. At some point during the delay, a request was made of the choir to sing a piece for the rest of the passengers.

"We happily obliged!" said Infantino.

"We’re sorry customers on flight BA272 were delayed on their trip from San Diego to London earlier this month. We got them on their way as soon as we could; while we were waiting for clearance to take-off, our customers got to enjoy an impromptu performance from a musical group that were on board," a British Airways spokesperson shared with NBC 7.

Adam Gray, a passenger on the flight, had an almost front-row seat to the spontaneous performance and shared a video to his Instagram account.

The flight arrived Saturday morning in London without further issue and the Valhalla singers began their tour.

After a few days in London, the group boarded another flight to Reykjavik, Iceland to continue their tour before returning to San Diego on Feb. 20.

The group performed four formal concerts while in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, as well as several impromptu performances like the one on the plane.

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