UCSD Shows Off Ebola Isolation Unit

Reporters were given a tour Friday of University of California San Diego Health System’s new infectious disease care unit in Hillcrest.

The unit was created to care for suspected and confirmed cases of Ebola. As Dr. Jay Doucet told reporters, the hospital has been designated as one of the area’s Ebola-receiving hospitals.

The special unit, which is entirely cordoned off from the rest of the hospital, is able to treat one or two patients should some cases arise in San Diego County, Doucet said.

The hospital sealed off the space, ensuring that no air from the unit spills into the rest of the building. Health workers are also ordered to wear complete HazMat suits, restricting their faces, hands and feet.

In addition to infectious disease training, the dedicated team at the unit will undergo environmental hazard training.

On Friday, health workers were taking part in a training session and were seen repeatedly cleaning work areas and ensuring they were already in HazMat suits before they entered the unit.

Hospitals nationwide have been questioned about preparedness to treat Ebola after two Dallas nurses contracted the deadly virus. Friday's UCSD tour aimed to alleviate the public’s concerns over.

The cost for the new unit wasn’t immediately available.

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