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Tree Crashes Into Home Where Pregnant Woman, Husband Were Sleeping

An uprooted tree crashed into an Escondido home while the family was asleep inside early Friday.

The tree that appeared dozens of feet tall crashed into the home's bedroom at about 3 a.m. where a homeowner and his eight-months-pregnant wife were asleep inside. 

Homeowner William Finney told NBC 7 he was grateful both he and his wife were able to make it out of the home without a scratch because the way the tree fell, things could have been much worse. 

"It stabbed into the wall on the other side there; It wouldn't have taken much of an angel for that to be really devastating," Finney explained. 

Finney described not being able to see his wife because of the massive tree. There was a moment where he didn't know if she was OK.   

"The ceiling came down in between my wife and I. So, I couldn't see her that was scary," Finney said. 

Finney jumped over the tree to reach her. 

He said the terrifying encounter opened his eyes to what is valuable to him.

"Awakening in more ways than one woke up my physically. But like I said put things into perspective for what matters." 

The house is in an unincorporated area of Escondido, in a neighborhood off Jesmond Dene Road. 

Cal Fire crews responded to the scene but it was not yet clear how the tree would be removed from the property. 

Footage of the scene showed the trunk, which was at least 5 feet wide, uprooted from the ground. The tree was at an angle and several limbs had punctured the home. 

The house was uninhabitable and the couple said they would stay at a relative's house until repairs could be made.

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