Toddler Slowly Recovering After Falling From 2nd Story Window in Vista

"This moment made my heart feel so whole," said Isaiah's mom, in a social media post

A toddler once in critical condition after falling from a second-story window in Vista is slowly recovering, now strong enough to give his mom a thumbs up from his wheelchair.

Four-year-old Isaiah Ornelas has opened his eyes and is responding to his mother's commands, according to the family's GoFundMe page. His breathing tube has been removed.

His mother, Trinity Coles, was able to walk Isaiah around the hospital in a wheelchair Sunday. She said in a social media post that his condition is improving every day.

"The first time I got to lay with my sweet baby boy!" she said in a post on Sunday, with photos of her lying next to Isaiah in his hospital bed. "This moment made my heart feel so whole."

On Facebook, she shared a video showing his recovery process.

"Look babe. Do you see the deer? Do you see the flowers?" Cole warmly asked her son, pointing at a hospital painting while Isaiah sleepily opened his eyes.

A nurse asked Isaiah, "Do you want to stay in the chair for a little bit longer? If you do, give me a thumbs up."

Isaiah can be seen curling his hand into a thumbs up from his wheelchair, as the nurses and his mother cheer his efforts.

Coles told NBC 7 her life changed in the blink of an eye when her son fell from the second-floor window and suffered a severe concussion on July 31. He was in the Intensive Care Unit for several days.

Coles was playing with Isaiah on the couch in their living room right before he fell. He climbed up, leaned on the screen window and fell two stories down when the screen gave way.

Doctors at Rady Children's Hospital told the family they found a blood clot and Isaiah may need surgery. The family said he had two skull fractures from the fall, on their GoFundMe page.

They are accepting donations to help pay Isaiah's medical expenses on the page.

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