Craigslist Threats Target Children

A San Diego man is accused of posting threats against the children of military families.

Paul Douglas Rodgers is in Federal jail, accused of threatening to kill hundreds of children in Coronado.

The alleged threats were detailed in a criminal complaint obtained by NBC San Diego. In the complaint, the 40-year-old allegedly used two different email addresses to post comments on Craigslist.

One post reads;

"The two elementary schools in Coronado that are going to be attacked in October (Village Elementary and Silver Strand Elementary) both have a lot of military children.  I guess the people that are going to attack these two schools realize killing these military children is easy.  I'm pretty sure these children will probably suffer before they die in a pool of blood."

A previous post said;

"I am being used in a mind control experiment (by the Military).  Somebody recommended that I used my Suburban to run over kids when they are at school, so I might get the help I need.  "Does anybody have any thoughts about this, and do you think if I do this, I might get some help?"

Pictures of four different San Diego area elementary schools were included in the post.

The complaint also stated that San Diego Police warned Rodgers not to post threats on the Internet and officers took him to County Mental Health for evaluation. He was released eight days later and allegedly posted more threats.

Rodgers also has a history of threatening San Diego lifeguards and firefighters, according to F.B.I. agents. In February 2008, a lifeguard lieutenant claimed Rodgers threatened to shoot his family with a shotgun.  A judge granted the lifeguard a protection order.

According to the complaint, this year Rodgers posted this threat against six lifeguards who were also named.  "I have been informed that these lifeguards will be executed in the near future."

Rodgers was arraigned in Federal Court on Tuesday. He's charged with posting threatening communications on the Internet.

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