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Thieves Steal Jewelry Belonging to Man's Dying Father in Carmel Valley

The brazen theft was caught on surveillance video

Two suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry belonging to a man's dying father from inside a Carmel Valley home in the middle of the day.

The brazen theft was caught on surveillance video.

Dr. Anil Keswani said it has been a tough week for his family. He was thousands of miles away when his home was broken into Tuesday. 

"I was out of town with my Dad who’s passing away. While he was actually passing away, I received a text alert that somebody was at my door," Keswani said. "The next thing I know is I get a call from my neighbor who told me there appeared to be two men who were carrying a very heavy box out of my house."

The thieves made their way to the side of the house, and then moved to the back, getting to the second-floor balcony and breaking a window.

Once inside, they stole a safe filled with passports and jewelry, including an engagement ring belonging to Keswani's grandmother.

"It was a very precise, calculated process," Keswani told NBC  7.

He said he’s devastated by the loss, but said it could have been a lot worse. Two of his children left just a few minutes before the thieves broke in.

According to San Diego police, the suspects' car is a 2017 white Honda Accord with paper plates with red lettering on them.

If you have any information, you are asked to call SDPD at (619)531-2000.

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