Friend: Suspect in Escondido Homicide Hinted at Killing People on Snapchat Prior to Incident

Salvador Alejandro Sanchez, 19, is in jail facing a murder charge for allegedly killing a friend and dumping his body in Valley Center

A woman who has known the suspect arrested in a homicide investigation involving social media app Snapchat, told NBC 7, about a month ago, he had sent a snap saying God told him to create a list of people to kill. 

Salvador Alejandro Sanchez, 19, is accused of allegedly killing a friend and dumping his body in Valley Center.

According to Escondido police, on Thursday, Sanchez got into a fight with the victim while drinking which resulted in the friend's death.

One person, who did want to be identified but described himself as almost like a second cousin, told NBC 7 that Sanchez was bullied when he was younger because of his weight.

"But as he grew up, he lost a lot of weight and he was really into church," said the individual. "That’s why we’re really shocked he would do that.”

Sanchez was arrested during a traffic stop at Ash Street and Grand Avenue in Escondido on Sunday, three days after the crime.

Police said clues to the killing were uncovered on Sanchez's Snapchat account in the form of text messages--not video or pictures.

The victim's body was dumped in Valley Center, nearly 20-miles away from where the alleged killing took place.

Video posted by Escondido High School showed Sanchez walking across stage during the 2016 graduation. He was on the wrestling team and played football.

According to his teammates and friends, what they remember most about Sanchez is how religious he was. They told NBC 7, Sanchez would say "God bless you" to everyone instead of goodbye and often times, posted religious scriptures on social media accounts.

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