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Tattoo Removal Doctor Expects Uptick in Chargers Tattoo Removal Calls

News of a potential San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles may be leaving many fans saddened – and looking to remove a normally-everlasting symbol of their devotion.

Tuesday, Dr. Eric Korsh received his first call for a tattoo removal from a devoted Chargers fan who wanted their tattoo gone. It was the first time he had recently been asked to remove such a tattoo.

“A lot of people are lifelong fans and they will keep the tattoos,” Korsh said. “But I expect that there will be a certain increase of people wanting to get those tattoos off.”

Using new Pico technology, tattoo removal usually takes between three to six sessions and is a lot less painful than older technology. 

"Pico technology will actually pulverize the ink, make the ink smaller, make the dots of ink much smaller so then the body can clear it out, so we're seeing clearances in far fewer treatments," said Korsh.

Prior to the new technology coming onto the scene, certain colors used to be more difficult to get off, including some classic Chargers colors like blue and yellow -- two of the hardest colors to remove from the body. 

"The colored tattoos are much harder to get out that’s why when we’re seeing these team colors they're a little bit more difficult," he explained.

Korsh said he wasn't sure if they would continue to get calls to remove Chargers tattoos, but he suspected his office would hear from fans wanting to remove their tattoos.  

"There’ll be new team allegiances, there may be some bitter fueling, but I suspect we will see an uptick," Korsh said.

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