‘Tacos El Gordo' Forced to Close One Location Due to Lack of Staff

The popular taco chain said it is hard to find qualified individuals to keep up with demand

The popular taqueria chain, 'Tacos El Gordo' was forced to shut down one of its locations due to a lack of staff, managers said Wednesday. 

The Palm Street location in San Diego did not have enough 'taqueros' or taco makers, to keep up with the demand. A giant sign on the side of the building reads, "closed for lack of employees." 

Not just anyone can make the street tacos that the establishment serves. It requires skills in preparation of the tortillas and meat, cooking, and grilling. 

"There are not many applications coming in," said Ricardo Cervantes, a taquero at Tacos El Gordo. "But the ones that have been applying aren't qualified. This is the big leagues."

To keep up with the demand of customers, the restaurant would have to hire 10 taqueros to reopen. 

The position starts at $15 an hour, with a chance to move up the ranks.

"In the end, it's the service and supervising the quality of the taco," added Cervantes.  

Other Tacos El Gordo locations, like the biggest one in Chula Vista, will stay open. 

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