Surfers Brave the Ocean During High Wind Warning

Those in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach noticed the strong winds Thursday

Surfers in Pacific Beach could be seen catching waves despite strong winds blowing them around when trying to get into the water. 

A strong wind warning is in effect for San Diego County until 8 p.m. Thursday, the National Weather Service said. 

"It's a little bit of a trial by fire situation," said surfing student Joshua Jackson. "If you're going to learn, why not learn in tough conditions?" 

Lifeguards were carefully monitoring swimmers and surfers along the shore. 

"It's a little bit difficult today," said surf instructor, Robert Sorensen in Pacific Beach Thursday. "There's a long current going down towards the south an the wind is blowing us. We got in the water and five minutes later we were already 100 yards down the beach." 

NBC 7 meteorologists said Mission Beach saw wind speeds of 26 mph Thursday afternoon. Many people could be seen flying kites on the sandy beaches. 

At the San Diego International Airport wind speeds were at 22 mph.

At Mt. Soledad near La Jolla, wind speeds got up to 14 mph Thursday morning. 

While coast and inland valley locations will be very breezy for the remainder of the warning, mountain and desert cities could see more dangerous winds

The NWS said wind gusts could reach over 70 miles per hour in some isolated areas in the mountains. 

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