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Squatters Take Over Sunset Cliffs Home Stuck in Renovation Holding Pattern

Neighbors say they've heard drunken fights in the middle of the night and have had to pick up trash left outside the property

A home undergoing renovation has fallen prey to squatters while the owner waits for proper permits, leaving people along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in Ocean Beach to deal with the ruckus, noise and stench caused by their unkempt new neighbors.

NBC 7 first started asking the city and home owner questions about the property last week. Since then, it has been wrapped in chain link fence and tarp.

Peter and Kim Vitullo live behind the house. They say they've heard drunken fights in the middle of the night that startled them awake, and they've had to pick up trash left outside the property.

But worst of all?

"I don't think it has been emptied in like six months,” Peter Vitullo said.

He’s talking about the porta-potty.

"We've had flies in our patio but never this bad,” he added.

Police have been called to the home, but still, the squatters persist. The locks have been changed, but still they find ways to defeat them.

Time and time again, day and night for the last year, cameras have recorded a parade of people in and out of 2068 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

"It’s an attractive place for them to be. There is a bathroom. They are undisturbed in there,” Vitullo said.

San Diego County records indicate Guoc Nuygen bought the property in September, but the Vitullos say the home seems like it’s hosting everyone but Mr. Nuygen.

"Pretty much every night it occurs,” Kim said about the disturbances. "It’s different people every time."

Nuygen said he is waiting on a coastal development permit to clear so he can complete renovations, and the city confirmed his pending permit.

A city spokesperson said a code enforcement investigation is ongoing, but said it won't be closed until the work at the property is done. That worries neighbors.

"We kind of wonder what is going on here what that might attract and what might happen next,” Peter Vitullo said.

Besides the chain link fence and tarp, windows are also boarded up and it appears the back of the home has been closed in with plywood. As for the porta-potty, the smell is still going to get your attention if you come near.

A city spokesperson says construction inspections will begin again when the work resumes. For now they are addressing complaints about the property as they are reported.

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