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Some Residents Want Rosecrans Street to be Less of a Raceway

A car hit and killed a man in a crosswalk Tuesday night.

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“This road can be a pain in the butt.”

Kelly Gleghorn shrugged his shoulders as he stood alongside Rosecrans Street in Point Loma on Wednesday afternoon.

A car hit and killed a man in the crosswalk right across the intersection Tuesday night.

“It was pretty bad. I mean, he was pretty bad,” Gleghorn said as his head dropped.

He said the accident highlighted the problem with Rosecrans Street.

“Some people go really fast down here trying to get to work,” he said. “It’s supposed to be 30 here. People go 45 to sometimes 70 miles per hour down here.”

“It’s beautiful out here but it’s dangerous,” said Ellen Kemp. “I mean, they go so fast.”

Kemp has lived in Point Loma her entire life. She walks to work along Rosecrans almost daily.

“The cars go too fast. They’re not paying attention,” Kemp said, waving her arm at traffic. “A woman turned and almost nailed me.”

Kemp and Gleghorn agreed: They’d like to see more police in Point Loma.

“I would think more patrols. Maybe more posted speed limit signs,” Gleghorn said. “Some areas of the street are darker than others. Light posts are really far apart. Some don’t work.”

NBC 7 contacted San Diego City Council President Jennifer Campbell who represents Point Loma.

“I am so sorry to hear about the deadly accident in Point Loma on Tuesday Night. Making streets safer is a budget priority for me,” she said in a statement.

A San Diego Police Department Lieutenant said officers are still investigating the accident and have not identified the man who died. The lieutenant said he would also like to see more traffic patrols in San Diego.

In the meantime, Kemp said she will continue to walk on the sidewalk as far from the roadway as possible.

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