Sniffing Out COVID-19 at San Diego Ice Arena

Dogs are the latest helpers in the fight against COVID-19

Dog sniffing cone in coronavirus research study.

You've probably heard about dogs detecting narcotics and explosives, or even missing people, but what about COVID-19?

Well, the San Diego Ice Arena (SDIA) is implementing a new COVID screening program this week featuring two sniffer dogs in training.

Robin and Grommet are COVID sniffer dogs in training with Scent Solution, a local public health company.

If you are visiting the arena in Miramar on Thursday, Nov. 18 from 2- 5 p.m. or Saturday, Nov. 20 from 9 a.m.- noon, you will get to see the pups in action.

While you wait in line to skate, the dogs will walk by under the control of their handler. If they think they smell something suspicious, they will "alert" the handler.

This does not necessarily mean you have COVID, but it does mean you should take a test to find out for sure.

Atlas Laboratories is providing onsite PCR tests at no charge to help validate the dogs’ suspicions. 

According to Scent Solution, COVID sniffer dogs have an accuracy of 90-98% in identifying the virus in individuals.

SDIA said the new check-in process should go pretty quickly, but plan ahead and arrive a few minutes early to your skate time.

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