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Slightly Cooler Weather Predicted for San Diego County

Beachgoers frolic on San Diego shores during the Fourth of July weekend.
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Slightly cooler weather is predicted for San Diego County Sunday, but it will continue to feel hot and humid, weather forecasters said.

Isolated thunderstorms are possible, mainly over the mountains, in the afternoons through Monday, according to the National Weather Service. The upper-level ridge axis moves south into Baja by Tuesday, shutting off monsoon moisture for the remainder of the week.

Temperatures will gradually warm up this week for inland areas, with above-normal temperatures expected for all areas, the NWS said.

High temperatures along the coast Sunday will be 78-83 degrees and overnight lows will be 66-71. Highs inland will be 84-89 with overnight lows of 65-70. Highs in the western valleys will be 86-91, and 90-95 in the foothills.

Mountain highs will be 87-96 and overnight lows will be 62-72. Desert highs will be 108-115 and overnight lows will be 81-89, forecasters said.

At 8 a.m., satellite images showed a few patches of low clouds along the immediate coast, but otherwise, mostly clear skies were present across the
the region, the weather service said.

Marine layer clouds might make an appearance Sunday night along the coast, although clouds will likely be patchy and not go too far inland, the NWS said. There was no real indication of a coastal eddy developing over the next few nights, so low clouds will continue to be rather patchy and mostly stay along the coast.

Temperatures will begin to warm up Monday, mainly for inland areas, because of an upper high dominating the region, forecasters said. Coastal areas will not warm up too much this week and will have little day-to-day change in high temperatures. However, warm sea surface temperatures and warm overnight lows will keep coastal areas rather humid throughout the week.

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