San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego Debuts Less-Than-a-Day-Old Sea Lion Pup

A furry little sea lion pup had her social media debut on Wednesday, just hours after her birth.

The less-than-a-day-old pup was born at SeaWorld San Diego in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

SeaWorld posted a video of the pup getting her checkup on Facebook.

The little pup could be seen waddling on a towel, exploring her new surroundings.

According to a spokesperson for SeaWorld, the pup's mom was rescued Tuesday afternoon from an Oceanside Beach. She had been showing symptoms of domoic acid toxicity.

SeaWorld animal care team is caring for the pup and tube feeding her with a sea lion baby milk formula, the spokesperson said. The mother sea lion is too sick to take care of the pup herself.

The spokesperson added that the team's goal is the nurse the mother and reunite her with her little one.

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