SDPD: Violence Will Not Be Tolerated During Trump Visit

San Diego's Chief of Police promises "swift and decisive action" to those planning violence during Friday's visit by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"We are not going to tolerate violence or disobedience to the law during this event," said Chief Shelley Zimmerman. "We will take swift and decisive action for anyone who causes an unsafe environment by engaging in illegal activity."

Law enforcement officials met with local media Wednesday just before violent confrontations took place outside the Anaheim Convention Center, where the candidate was speaking.

Shouting matches erupted between dozens of Trump opponents and a few Trump supporters.

Several people were detained after police declared the event an unlawful assembly from a police helicopter hovering above.

On Friday, Trump is scheduled to speak at 2 p.m. inside the San Diego Convention Center. 

SDPD wants to put anyone planning to protest the appearance on notice that it is illegal to block sidewalks or interfere with car and pedestrian traffic along the busy streets near the convention center.

"We have designated free speech areas for those wishing to participate in peaceful demonstrations. These zones have been designated to allow the participants to have a reasonable opportunity to communicate their message in a peaceful way to the intended audience," Zimmerman said.

Parking at the convention center will be limited to only those who have a ticket to the event, police said.

Registration for the event is available here. The campaign is accepting requests for two tickets per mobile number.

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