Santee Mulls Changes at Site of Fatal Crash

Leaders in Santee are considering changes to a stretch of road where a high school student died in a traffic collision two weeks ago.

West Hills High School student Ryan Willweber, 17, died on May 1 when his car was T-boned as he tried to turn left out of the campus and onto Mast Boulevard.

At a council meeting Wednesday night, dozens of people who live in Santee voiced concern for what they described as a dangerous intersection.

The other driver in the collision that killed Willweber asked the council to do something to make the road safer.

"I believe a traffic light should be installed there because it would slow down the traffic and it would save lives even more,” he said.

West Hills Principal Robin Ballarinsupports a change

, as long as it makes sense for the school.

City officials are looking into like new striping, flashing beacons, rumble strips, new signage barring left turns or installing traffic lights.

Santee Mayor Randy Voepel has said he wants to hear from the public on this issue. No word on when a decision might be made.

For parents, like Shannon Modica, who has two students at the school, the time is now to make a change.

"I drive that a minimum of 4 times every day of the week and I don't feel safe on there,” she said.

West Hills Freshman Kaylyn Rambo has started a petition.

"I have almost 200 hundred signatures, it's been going for about a week now,” Rambo said.

She told the council a traffic light is needed now more than ever.

“How many kids have to lose their life or get seriously injured before a change is made,” she said.

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