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San Ysidro Residents Angered Over Parking Tickets at Larsen Field

Some residents worry that constant tickets and towing fees will be detrimental to the community’s financial well being.

Residents living near the San Ysidro outlets are angry at the City of San Diego for handing out parking tickets at Larsen Field, in an area that lacks sufficient parking.

One resident, Toribio Galaviz, is fighting a ticket he received for parking at Larsen Field near his home.

“We recently began to get ticketed for parking at a park, where we used to regularly park for more than 10 years,” explains Galaviz.

He received the 50 dollar citation on Wednesday night.  

Galaviz lives in an apartment complex with nearly 500 units. The shortage of parking is compounded by the traffic from the outlets across the street and people leaving their cars parked overnight while they vacation in Mexico.

The border is about a mile away.

Galaviz is concerned that constant tickets and towing fees will be detrimental to his community’s financial well being.

“I may be able to afford a ticket, but my neighbors might not be able to afford constant tickets or getting their cars towed,” said Galaviz.

Others worry about safety. Some people park up to a mile away from their homes in hopes of not getting a ticket.

“They are running that risk of being at night going to their cars,” said Guadalupe Galaviz, who has two sisters he worries about.

City officials say they are not the ones issuing the citations. Their parking enforcement personnel does not patrol during no parking hours.

San Diego Police said they recently received two calls for service for Larsen Field but only issued one citation.

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