San Diego Senior Citizens Brace for Omicron Wave

Senior services revert to stricter rules after COVID-19 cases spike after holidays

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Omicron isn't packing the wallop on people who are vaccinated and boosted, but it still poses a huge danger to older San Diego County residents.

“We were so revved up and ready for normal and then omicron came,” sighed Shirley Doyle, a resident at St. Paul’s Manor in Bankers Hill.

“Yes, I’m scared,” Doyle continued. “The world is going crazy out there and I can come home and know that I am safe.”

Doyle has lived in the senior community for more than seven years.

“These are tough times,” agreed Cheryl Wilson, the President and CEO for St. Paul’s Senior Services.

“It’s hard on our residents, it’s hard on their families, but it’s really hard on our staff who just want to care for the people here at St. Paul’s,” said Wilson.

She said her staff was devastated by several positive tests after the holidays. That forced them to close the kitchen and stretch the remaining staff.

“As an administrator, this is what keeps me up at night: What are we going to do?” offered Wilson.

She said St. Paul’s is once again adhering to strict protocols. No visitors are allowed unless it’s an emergency. There is also a booster mandate for employees.

“We have to tackle it, we have to be proactive, we have to be upbeat, and we have to know that we can get through this,” said Wilson.

“We know we’re safe,” added Doyle. “I know we’re going to be okay because we’re working at it.”

Wilson, who is also a registered nurse, said St. Paul’s is hosting another booster clinic Thursday for its staff and residents.

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