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3 Arrested After Pro-Trump Rally, Counter-Protest in San Diego Turned ‘Violent': SDPD

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Three people were arrested Saturday after supporters of President Trump faced off with counter-protesters on Saturday in Pacific Beach, prompting San Diego police to declare the situation an unlawful assembly "due to acts of violence."

The protest, which was located at Hornblend Street and Mission Boulevard, was declared an "unlawful assembly" after SDPD reported officers were struck with a glass bottle, eggs and rocks, and pepper-spray.

SkyRanger 7 showed a line of SDPD officers trying to disperse the demonstrators at around 3 p.m.

SDPD asked residents to stay away from the area. Officials said "those who remain or return against this lawful order may be cited/arrested and risk exposure to chemical agents & less-lethal force applications."

Three people were arrested. Two adults were arrested for failing to disperse and one juvenile was arrested for assaulting an officer, according to SDPD Lt. Shawn Takeuchi

Aerial Images: Droves of Pro-Trump Supporters, Counter-Protesters Flock to Pacific Beach

Dozens of patrol cars were parked nearby, and officers in riot gear formed two lines on Mission Boulevard to separate the two groups. A fire truck and ambulance were also spotted not far away. The situation took place just blocks from the beach, and there were many spectators in the area as well, some of them biking and skateboarding by the unfolding events.

By 3:30 p.m., the situation had the appearance of a standoff, with the two sides rallying in place, with several Trump supporters waving Trump banners. By 5 p.m., SDPD said both groups had separated and said they would continue to monitor.

The protest was organized this week in the wake of events in Washington on Wednesday, when pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol building. A digital flyer was circulated describing the event as a "Patriot March," which said the event's purpose was "To stand up for our republic, our Constitution and for our freedom."

Aerial video showed a line of SDPD officers trying to disperse the demonstrators around 3 p.m.

Before long, counter-protesters were circulating the same flyer, with "Patriot March" crossed out, calling for their supporters to "Shut This Fascist Rally Down," declaring "no racists, no fascists in our community."

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