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San Diego Nonprofits Working Around the Clock to Keep People Safe

May 19 marks two months since that stay at home order went into effect, and since then, some San Diego-area nonprofits have been working around the clock - especially those that help senior citizens

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Serving Seniors is a San Diego-based nonprofit that focuses on low-income seniors and the group has been working around the clock for the past two months helping those in need.

The nonprofit provides many services, but the most important is supplying meals to seniors.

Before COVID-19, many seniors in this program could go to the community center for meals, but now that simply isn’t possible and they have to get their meals delivered.

More meals, more staff, and volunteers to deliver have been needed to meet the new demand.

Pre-COVID-19, on March 1, Serving Seniors was distributing about 2,600 meals a day.

Today, it is distributing 7,000 meals per day.

By the end of this month, Serving Seniors projects it'll be providing about 10,000 meals a day to local senior citizens. By mid-June, the nonprofit anticipates that number will be between 11,000 and 12,000 meals per day.

Donations, like one for $50,000 from San Diego Foundation are helping make this all possible.

“That’s what community foundations do in times of need. We help raise money, we help get it to the nonprofits who are helping the most vulnerable population. Obviously seniors in our community are some of the most vulnerable populations and we’re just so happy to support Serving Seniors and all the great work they do,” explained Brian Zumbano with San Diego Foundation.

Serving Seniors told NBC 7 they need to raise about $4 for each meal, so no donation is too small.

More information on volunteering and donating to Serving Seniors can be found here. For more information on San Diego Foundation, click here.

We've also got a guide on how to help seniors in San Diego here, and information on other ways to help around our county during the coronavirus pandemic here.

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