GRAPHIC IMAGE: Frozen Dog Found in Freezer at La Jolla Home

The animal was found in the home owned by the family of an elderly man who had to be hospitalized for dehydration and malnourishment

NBC 7 Investigates has learned San Diego animal control is now investigating the death of a mix breed Chihuahua found in a freezer.

Investigators confirm the animal was discovered last week by a tenant living in the home of 90-year-old Robert Stella.

The Avenida de las Pescas house was raided three weeks ago by police and animal control. Investigators found some 20 dogs and cats living in the house.

Police say Stella’s wife , Victoria Turner, is currently the subject of an investigation into possible animal and elder abuse.

Details of the dog's death including why he was put in a garage freezer have not been disclosed.

An animal control investigator tells NBC 7 Investigates an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Former tenants say Turner was running her Animal Rescue Coalition in the La Jolla home.

Despite several attempts to learn more about this rescue operation and what was going on in the home, Turner declined to comment and avoided our cameras.

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