Decision 2020

San Diegans React to Presidential Election, Joe Biden Inches Closer to Victory

Election results continue to trickle in, but Joe Biden appears to be inching closer to victory

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Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, was inching closer to victory, as President Donald Trump continued to trail behind Friday night. But votes are still trickling in from key swing states across the country.

NBC 7 checked in with San Diegans and those visiting the area to see how they’ve been coping with the lengthy presidential race. Some said they were feeling optimistic about Biden’s lead, while others said they are still holding out hope for Trump.

“I got woken up at about 5:30 [in the morning]. My fiancé said, ‘Two more states went blue, Georgia is going blue’, so that was exciting for sure,” said Jason Walker of North Park.

Walker and other Biden supporters said they are hoping to hear a victory speech from the former Vice President soon.

“I think we’re all going to have to ride this out -- the way we’re riding out COVID-19, the way we’re riding out everything being a little strange these days,” said Jim Lacy, also of North Park, who said he voted for Joe Biden.

Marc Riehl, from Watsonville, CA, said he’s praying Biden holds his lead. “[Praying] for Trump to get voted out and the hope that Biden and the administration will take over,” said Riehl. Others appear to be leaning on faith for a different reason.  

“I truly believe that God will intervene. I have confidence that things are going to work out for Trump,” said Randy Heilman, who was visiting La Mesa from Arizona.

Some voters said they’re looking at the 46th president for unity.

“I’m very happy about the election, but it’s going to take me a while, personally, to work through all of the damage that’s been done to this country relative to what this man (Trump) stood for -- the divisiveness he tried to create and I’m looking forward to seeing Biden doing a little bit better,” said Arthur Battle, of La Mesa.    

“More power to the new president. Democracy at its best!” another La Mesa man told NBC 7.

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