Convicted Felon Arrested With Gun Outside Sports Bar

Ronnie Corral, 37, is accused of reaching for an officer's weapon and carrying a loaded gun in the parking lot of Rookies Sports Bar in Oceanside

A convicted felon carrying a loaded gun was arrested outside a sports bar in Oceanside Thursday night, police confirmed.

Ronnie Corral, 37, a convicted felon from Arizona, was taken into custody by detectives at around 10:15 p.m. in the parking lot outside Rookies Sports Bar at 2216 El Camino Real. According to the Oceanside Police Department, Corral was carrying a loaded .32 caliber handgun.

Special Enforcement Section detectives and police officers were conducting an undercover operation at the sports bar related to possible over-serving of alcoholic beverages.

At one point in the sting, officers contacted two men who were drinking alcohol in the parking lot of the bar. This included Corral.

Two officers approached the men and one told Corral he was going to pat him down for weapons. Police said Corral allegedly pulled away from the officer and tried to run away. When the second officer grabbed Corral, the suspect allegedly grabbed the officer’s holstered gun.

Corral was ordered to let go of the cop’s gun and fight ensued between Corral and the officer. The pair fell to the ground and, ultimately, police were able to handcuff Corral.

After the struggle, police found the loaded .32 handgun belonging to Corral on the ground, the police department said.

Corral was booked into the Vista Detention Facility on several charges, including carrying a loaded firearm in public, carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest. He’s set to appear in court Monday.

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