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Residents Question Mission Valley Community Plan That Calls for 28,000 Homes

Mission Valley could soon triple in population and community planners say that’s a good thing. But people who live, work and shop in the corridor along the San Diego River think differently.

“It’s already congested enough,” said Michael Eroles, Mission Valley resident.

Eroles and several other people who spoke to NBC 7 told us traffic is a nightmare that won’t be corrected by building more homes.

The Mission Valley Community Plan calls for the high-density construction of 28,000 new homes, the addition of bike paths and connector roads, a landscaped walkway along the river, and even the possibility of an aerial tram. The plan’s vision is to create an urban space that helps solve San Diego’s housing crisis while addressing transportation needs.

“They’re allowing more people to work and live near our transit investments,” explained Colin Parent, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, a group dedicated to improving life in San Diego through sustainable growth and better living conditions.

Parent understands why some people might fear the growth plan would make their lives worse but says, in the long run, he believes it could improve congestion.

Parent’s group hasn’t officially endorsed the plan, he said Circulate San Diego will likely speak in favor of it to the city council.

The green line trolley runs right through Mission Valley, but Parent said it's under-utilized. If more people lived and worked in the area, and access to the trolley was improved, chances are more people would use it, and fewer people would drive their cars.

“We’re not all of the sudden going to jump into public transportation,” said Eileen Harrington, who visits Mission Valley often and said she does use public transportation.

Her friend, Brigid Weese said public transportation is too expensive in San Diego, and lamented that express buses stop running at 10:30 p.m.

The Mission Valley Community Plan will go before San Diego City Council in September.

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