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New County Website, Connect Well San Diego, to Improve Customer Service

The County of San Diego is currently developing a new website that will make it easier to access county services, by improving communication and customer service.

A new county website, dubbed Connect Well San Diego will be up and running by 2017, according to County Health and Human Services. The website will take advantage of new technologies to create an electronic information sharing hub.

The hub will allow County staff and contractors to communicate better with each other as well as customers. County Health and Human Services officials say this will help speed up customer service.

By looking at overall reports in the new system, County Staff will aim to have an improved understanding of what services the community needs the most. This should help enable the county to more effectively provide those services.

The program manager for Connect Well San Diego, Carrie Hoff, told NBC 7 that it is designed to help families focus on their daily lives.

"When you think about a family, they often have multiple needs when they are coming here for services. Typically, they have to get themselves to multiple places, navigate multiple applications, and figure out the process of getting there," Hoff said.

She added that the program will offer services such as counseling, child welfare, and alcohol and drug treatment. 

Customers can make their own personal access code and log in to the website to navigate to other services. 

Coff says the program is comparable to a department store, where a family can have access to everything they require to address their personal needs in one place.

The current website is in its pilot phase of development, so there's a still a lot of possibilities to explore in its design, said county staff.

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