Dog Tasered, Maced by Police Receives Vet Care

A stray dog, tasered and maced over by police near San Diego over the weekend, was captured Tuesday.

The female lab-terrier mix was wandering the Fletcher Hills community of El Cajon Saturday night, when police and animal control officers tried to catch it. The animal ended up escaping.

A spokesperson for El Cajon police told NBC 7 that officers had to use mace and the taser when the dog got aggressive and threatened the officers.

Home video showed the taser dart in the animal’s right shoulder. 

Rebecca Stevens with the rescue organization “Four Paws Rescue” was there at the time of the incident.

Stevens said a homeowner had called her rescue group to report the stray. After Stevens called 911 to ask police and El Cajon Animal Control to help capture the dog, she said their response was "inhumane."

“I feel as though I failed her,” Stevens said of the dog. “It's incredibly upsetting to me to see what's happening now. And I wish I hadn't called authorities."

She said the dog was not a threat.

On Tuesday, Stevens said the animal had been found in Santee, approximately three miles from the area she was first spotted.

The taser dart was no longer in the animal’s side, she said.

The dog was seen by a vet and is currently being monitored at the San Diego Department of Animal Services on Gaines St.

Animal control officer Lt. Kalani Hudson said the animal did not have any obvious wounds, except for a torn nail.

“There’s no major lacerations, broken bones, anything of that sort,” Hudson said.

Hudson could not comment on the incident with police. However, she said Animal Services follows the National Animal Control Association guidelines, which does not recommend the use of tasers.

Hudson said the dog has been a little apprehensive, but hasn't shown any aggressive behavior.

So what's next for this lab-terrier mix? Hudson said the dog does not have a micro-chip. She said the person that helped catch the dog has placed a “finder’s hold” on her. That means if the dog’s owner does not come forward, that person will be able to adopt the stray.

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