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Random Punch Caught on Camera at Solana Beach Bar

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is looking for a man responsible for a random act of violence on a Solana Beach sidewalk

Investigators with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department are asking for help finding the man responsible for a random act of violence outside of a Solana Beach bar.

The suspect was caught on security cameras punching out Robert Feher as he stood chatting with two women outside the Saddle Bar.

The recording captured by a security camera on the corner shows the suspect, all 6 feet, 220 pounds of him, walking from the Pillbox bar just 15 steps away directly toward the victim.

For reasons unknown, he lands a solid punch to Feher's right cheek.

Deputies say the punch could land him in jail.

"Ridiculous. Just unacceptable,” Feher said.

Less than 25 seconds after that first step toward him, the suspect punches Feher, bruises the right side of his face and breaks his glasses.

"I certainly wouldn't want a person like this on the streets," Feher said.

Feher added that it was his first time at the Saddle Bar.

Over the phone, Feher said he's never seen the aggressor before and the only thing the suspect said before the swing was "you're gay."

Feher, who is heterosexual, doesn't understand why the man would assault him.

"Maybe he has a problem with gay people, but mostly, he has a problem with interacting with society," Feher said.

Sheriff's deputies are investigating this as an assault, not a hate crime.

After two bar employees stood between the men, the suspect went back over to the Pill Box Tavern patio.

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