Proposition 63: Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases

Californians will vote on a new proposal to change background checks for those purchasing ammunition when they decide on Proposition 63.

Prop 63 would require anyone who buys ammunition to have a permit, which would require a background check, and dealers would have to check that permit before selling.

Also, 63 would ban large capacity magazines for everyone, even people who previously were exempt from the ban.

Charles Blek, who lost his son to gun violence, has made it his goal to get better gun control laws here in California.

“This particular proposition will close loopholes,” Blek said. “It’s an absolute must.”

Michael Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners opposes Prop 63 because taxpayers will have to pay to run a background check system and database. He says it's no longer an issue of whether ammunition background checks are necessary since SB1235 was passed over the summer.  He says his issue is over how those checks will be administered and who's paying for the system. 

“A complicated, intricate system like this should be run through the legislature,” Schwartz said, adding it will be difficult to administer and change.

Blek said a 55 percent vote of the Assembly or Senate and a vote from the governor will be able to change the measure in the future if adjustments are needed.

Read the measure here.

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