Poway Man, CPR Hero Finally Reunited After Months of Searching

The two met in a big surprise during an event honoring local heroes

A San Diego police detective finally met the woman who saved his life after he had a heart attack on the street Memorial Day.

Diane Craig was driving by with her daughter when she spotted Detective Phil Worthington lying in a gutter. Craig, a nurse, quickly performed CPR until an ambulance could arrive, saving Worthington’s life.

“I drove by, I saw his face, said something’s not right,” Craig said. “I did what I had to do.”

Worthington was out running when he went into cardiac arrest.

The two met in a big surprise during the seventh annual Honor our Region’s Heroes event Tuesday.

The event, hosted by the North San Diego Business Chamber, pays tribute to officers, first responders, and public safety leaders who go above and beyond in their jobs.

Craig was a guest of honor and received a special award.

On Memorial Day, medics rushed Worthington to the hospital so quickly that no one could get Craig’s name.

When Worthington heard of the hero who saved him, he posted a sign on Community Road in Poway to try and get their attention.

San Diego Police Detective Phil Worthington left this sign for the hero who performed CPR on him after he had a heart attack on the streets in Poway. In the rush of the emergency, no one got the hero’s name or information.

“It's all surreal to me because when it happened, I was in the hospital so I awakened in the hospital finding out that I went into cardiac arrest and this wonderful angel of mine saved my life," Worthington told NBC 7.

The lunch event started at 11:50 a.m., and the two were reunited shortly after.

As for what’s next, Worthington said he’s ready to go running again.

“I called her and told her I was going jogging again, and she said don't tempt your luck,” Worthington said. “But she's always going to be my angel following me while I'm running.”

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