‘Relentless' Suspect Chases, Stabs Man to Death in Chula Vista

Carlos Orozco, 19, was arrested and accused of stalking, chasing and stabbing a man to death

A "relentless" suspect chased a man down a Chula Vista street and stabbed him to death, Chula Vista Police told NBC 7 Tuesday. 

At about 6 p.m., calls into 911 reported a fight in progress in the 2800 block of Cielo Circulo, part of the Eastlake Vistas area.

"I was trying sleep and I heard someby running and screaming," said Alex Felix.

Felix and other residents of the Casa Lago Condominium complex were startled during their evening routines by shouts outside their windows.

Police said a 19-year-old suspect stalked, chased and stabbed another man as they ran down the complex's road. 

"The crime scene appeared to be a very violent struggle with a victim fleeing for his life and screaming for help," said Sallee.

The victim ran into an unsuspecting family's home nearby, while the suspect, also covered in blood, ran off.

Officers found the victim dead from multiple stab wounds in a kitchen when they arrived. They still have not identified him, though they say he is in his 40s. Police are not sure if the two men involved even live in the complex.

As officers combed the area, they found the 19-year-old suspect walking west on Otay Lakes Road. He did not cooperate with police and refused to show the his hands. Believing the man was armed, officers deployed a canine on the suspect, officials said. 

"The dog jumped on him and just took him down," said a witness, who did not wish to be identified.

The man was identified by police as Carlos Orozco and was taken into custody. He was treated for a dog bite and superficial knife wounds to his hands, officers said.

Orozco will be charged with murder, though the weapon used in the homicide has not been found.

Violent crimes detectives have taken over the investigation. They cannot say what motivated the killing at this time, but they ensured residents that they are not at risk and no one else is threatened.

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