Parking Rates May Rise at Embarcadero

A new rate hike from $1 to $2.50 an hour could go into effect

The Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners met to discuss increasing parking rates and times of operation Thursday.

They focused on the parking lots at the Embarcadero Marina parks north and south.

The idea is to promote greater access to the bay and discourage people from keeping their car parked there all day.

The area is an attractive and comfortable spot for visitors and people who want to use the space for an extended period of time.

Officials now want to encourage higher turnover for parking spaces and greater access to the bay.

The 22-year-old parking meters there could soon be replaced with smart meters, but a new rate hike from $1 to $2.50 an hour could go into effect also.

Now hours of operation run from 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday, and rates are low especially compared to nearby Seaport Village.

Hours of operation could change to 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with parking enforcement seven days a week.

Officials tell NBC 7 the potential plans don't have a lot of opposition.

Commissioners are expected to approve the changes.

There is no word yet on when they would take place.

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